Limestone Semond

Pierre de Semond


The SEMOND stone is an oolithic limestone. Its color is dominant beige but it may include variations from light beige to yellow, more or less veined according to the blocks. It can also contain small fossils and small holes.

The Semond stone is extracted in the north of Burgundy, near Magny-les-Villers.



The physical properties of the limestone SEMOND are :

Porosity NF EN 1936 : 20.4 %

Density NF EN 1936 : 2150 kg/m3

Compressive strength NF EN 772-1 : 45.3 Mpa

Bending strength NF EN 12372 : 6.3 Mpa

Freeze resistance NF EN 12371 : 168 cycles without damage

Absorption NF EN 772-11 (perpendiculary capillarity) : 95 g/(m².s0,5)

Absorption NF EN 772-11 (parallely capillarity) : 85 g/(m².s0,5)

Anchor holes resistance (typ IIa à contre-passe) NF EN 13364 : 1000 N

Anchor holes resistance (typ IIb à contre-passe) NF EN 13364 : 1100 N

Abrasion NF EN 14157 : 31.5 mm


Uses advice :

* outside paving

* inside flooring and decorations

* cladding

* roadsystem

* sculpture



This prospect shows a natural material. The reproduced characteristics and colours are only indicative and cannot be considered as committing the manufacturer.