Limestone St Martin Belle Roche

Saint Martin Belle Roche


The limestone St Martin Belle Roche is a sedimentary rock, a hard and fine coarse up to mean coarse limestone with beige up to light pink color. Its dotted appearance is due to fossils.

The limestone St Martin Belle Roche presents a great similarity with the limestone of St Baudille which is no longer exploited as an ornamental rock.



Physical properties of St Martin Belle Roche :

Density : 2620 kg/m3
Porosity : 1.1 %
Speed of sound propagation : 5675 m/s

Capillarity : 1 g/(m².S.0.5))

Abrasion : 27.00 mm

Compressive strength : 129.9  N /mm²

Slippage resistance of flamed - dry : 91 SVR

Slippage resistance of flamed - wet : 73 SVR

Freeze resistance : 240 cycles


Other names :

Saint Albain


The limestone de St Martin Belle Roche was used in particular in :

LEVALLOIS-PERRET (France) Z.A.C. Front-de-Seine : 3500 m²

IVRY-SUR-SEINE (France) Place de l'Hôtel de Ville : 3000 m²

RUEIL-MALMAISON (France) Z.A.C. Rueil 2000 : 3000 m²



* outside paving

* inside flooring and decorations

* cladding

* sculpture

* roadsystem



This prospect shows a natural material. The reproduced characteristics and colours are only indicative and cannot be considered as committing the manufacturer.