Limestone Combe Brune

The natural stone Combe Brune is a sedimentary oolithic limestone with a fine, homogeneous and compact grain. Its color is light beige.

pierre Combe Brune


Physical properties :

Density NF EN 1936 : 2300 kg/m3

Porosity NF EN 1936 :15 %

Compressive strength NF EN 1926 :110  MPa

Bending strength NF EN 12372 : 10.7 MPa

Freeze resistance NF EN 12371 :144 cycles

Abrasion NF EN 14157 : 20.5 mm


recommended uses for limestone Combe Brune :

The Limestone Combe Brune is suitable for outside terraces, flooring inside and outside, bathrooms or cladding.

Other names for Combe Brune :

  • Combe Brune, 
  • Barcy, 
  • Portland, 
  • Combourg, 
  • Limoges, 
  • Charente


This prospect shows a natural material. The reproduced characteristics and colours are only indicative and cannot be considered as committing the manufacturer.