Limestone Beauval



The limestone Beauval is a sedimentary stone, an oolithic stone light beige up to mean beige, a banded and spotted stone. The quarry of Beauval is in the Burgundy.


Physical properties :

Masse Volumique : 2460 kg/m3
Porosité : 9 à 13%
Compression : 85 à 93 N/mm²
Propagation du son : 4930 m/s
Tenue au gel : oui


Other names :

Beauval Rubané
Beauvillon Rubané
Pierre de Bourgogne rubanée


Material used in :

BORDEAUX (France) Palais de Justice 3000 m²

ROSTOCK (Germany) Hôtel Sonne 700 m²
BREMEN (Germany) Sparkasse  400 m²

BRUNSWICK (Germany) Façade Braunschweiger Zeitung 2000 m²

BRUNSWICK (Germany) Façade Wiederaufbau 1800 m²


Uses advice :

* outside paving

* inside flooring and decorations

* cladding

* sculpture

* roadsystem


This prospect shows a natural material. The reproduced characteristics and colours are only indicative and cannot be considered as committing the manufacturer.