Granit Rose de la Clarté

Granit Rose de la Clarté


The Granite Rose de la Clarté is a plutonic rock, a porphyroid granite with a coarse, fully crystallized grain and a mottled appearance. Its dominant color is a deep pink.

The Granite Rose de la Clarté contains rather large crystals of feldspar which give it its pink color. It is a regular material in color and it has a general appearance quite homogeneous. It comes from the french pink granite coast in Brittany.


Physical properties of the GRANIT ROSE DE LA CLARTE :

Density : 2670 kg/m3
Porosity : 0.49%
Absorption : 0.48 %
Compressive strength : 160.3 N/mm²
Bending strength : 10.7 N/mm²
Speed of sound propagation : 5160 up to 5190 m/s
Freeze resistance : yes


Other names :

Granit Rouge Celtique
Rose d'Armor


Material used for example in :

PARIS (France) City Hall Square (Place Hotel de Ville)

TOULON (France) Place Besagne, centre Mayol : 6900 m²

LUXEMBOURG : European Court of Justice



Uses advice :

* outside paving

* inside flooring and decorations

* cladding

* sculpture

* roadsystem


This prospect shows a natural material. The reproduced characteristics and colours are only indicative and cannot be considered as committing the manufacturer.