Granit Lanhelin

Lanhelin Granite


The Lanhelin Granite is a plutonic stone. It's a granite with fine and mean coarse and dark grey-blue color, compact and crystallized. Its color is very homogeneous without irregularity.


Physical properties :

Density : 2670 kg/m3
Porosity : 0.3 %
Bending strength : 18 Mpa

Compressive strength : 165 Mpa
Disc wear : 19 mm

Slippage in a wet environnement : 87
Freeze resistance : 240 cycles


Other names :

Blue Celtic Granite


Material used in :

LAUSANNE (Switzerland) International Olympic Museum : 2000 m²
PARIS (France) Cité des Sciences, La Villette - Cour Napoléon in Louvre Museum



uses advice :

* outside paving

* inside flooring and decoration

* cladding

* sculpture

* roadsystem



This prospect shows a natural material. The reproduced characteristics and colours are only indicative and cannot be considered as committing the manufacturer.